Monday, 5 May 2014

Spending diary #15: 24-30 April 2014

Tracking the budget, week by week

Grocery top-up [milk, fruit and bread after arriving home from holiday] ~ £7.90

No spend

No spend

No spend

Nursery snack money ~ £2.50

No spend

No spend

Total spend for week: £10.40

I didn't keep a detailed spending diary during our recent holiday, but we did come in way under budget, thanks largely to receiving groceries from Sainsbury's as part of our savvy family competition.

Last week also turned out to be a cheap week, with us needing to buy only a few fresh foods upon our return home. 

Now we're into May, it's time for my April £2014 in 2014 Money Challenge update. I haven't forgotten. It will be here soon!

P.S:  Have you been wondering where I've been recently? 
The Mister & I are taking part in Nectar's savvy family blogging competition. Throughout April and the start of May we're providing daily updates of ways we're savvy with our money. 
You can find the Oliver family blog here.
Thank you!


  1. I need to visit you for a cuppa and be taken through your food budget step by step. Never mind this online thing, how am I going to learn how to have no spend days?! Am seriously impressed and will go through your archives for inspiration! x

    1. After looking at your profile, we might be close enough to arrange that cuppa! Sx